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Chronology of Ancient India

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The current state of knowledge of the chronology of the ancients is wholly unsatisfactory and is inconsistent with known facts. There are several pointers to constructing a correct chronology.


1. The drying up of the Saraswati river by 1900 BCE. This is incontrovertible evidence that must be accounted for. It is a river in full majesty flowing from the mountains to the sea as described in the RgVeda.

2. The dating of Chandragupta Maurya by Sir William Jones  to 312 BCE is problematical for several reasons which we will discuss.

3.The ending of the Mahabharata War to the beginning of Kaliyuga (3139 BCE)

4. The credibility of Megasthenes' writings, since his original  manuscript appears to have been lost


Some key dates for which there is evidentiary material attesting the dates mentioned below. We will attempt to  construct a chronology based on the above  hypotheses

Proposed Hypothesis for a consistent chronology


Some questions to ponder as we contemplate this chronology, posted by poster ashyam in IF

If the above are true it has so much significance since it is not the way we learnt history and should turn around the way we see things. Before taking this point to public I would like to debate/discuss about it and validate against the material evidences we have. People who know it better, please contribute.

1. Buddha is said to have lived in 1800s BC
- Are there any evidence that Buddhism was practiced in India around 1500BC?
- There are many museums in India, China, Nepal and Sri Lanka which suposed to have have many relics of Buddha, like tooth, nail, hair etc. Did anybody say that they date back to the era Buddha lived?

2. Maurya Empire in 1500BC
- I don't think it disputes Chanakya was a contemporary of Chandragupta Maurya. During Chanakya's time Takshashila and Nalanda Universities were very prominent. If so, do the stones and other materials we get from Nalanda and Takshashila date back to more than 1500BC?
- Ashoka was the grandson of Chandragupta Maurya. When he spread Buddhism all across globe, are there any evidence that Buddhism was practiced in Central Asia and China around 1000BC?
- Ashoka built Sanchi Stupa at Saranath. Does radio carbon dating of materials there date back to 1500BC?

3. Gupta Empire in 300BC
- If Gupta empire was in 300BC, what is the Gupta empire that we know as current Gupta empire?

4. Shankaracharya in 500BC
- I read many times that Kanchi Mutt was 2500 years old and I never understood how. If Shankaracharya lived in 500BC, that would explain.
- Shankaracharya's mission was to bring back vedic way of life
- Then Buddhism's decline must have started around that time
- But we still had Buddhist empires after this period.

Do we have evidence for the above? How did people prove the post Kaushal made.



Niraj Mohanka's Royal chronologyA good first attempt has been made by Niraj  Mohanka . There are several dates yet to be resolved in  a satisfactory manner and it does not conform to the above dates.




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