Volume I




1971 a watershed year

Challenges Faced by India

Civilizational Threats

The Ascendancy of Western European Military Prowess

European perspectives and the Discovery of India

What’s in a name ‘India’ and the ‘Indian’ Identity

The Role of the Indian Diaspora

Geopolitics of Recent History

The Long Term legacy of the cold war

South Asia Studies and the subversion of History

Force of History and Doctrine of Phases

Negationism in Indian History                                                                

Subaltern studies

Internal disorders and strategic security

Chronology of Key Internal disorders

2.Western Studies of the Indic civilization

3.The Greater Indic Civilization

4. The South Asia File

5.Media In India

6.Education in India

7.The West and Islamic Civilization

Analysis of Political situation in the Islamic Ummah

8.China and India

The India China relationship is an ancient one

Chinese Perceptions of India

Two Systems, one Grand Rivalry

China’s special relationship with Pakistan

Keeping the Americans out

Volume II

9.Geopolitical Issues

10.Central Asia

11.Analysis of Political Situation in India

12.Pakistan’s Hand in covert and overt action against India


14.Psychological Warfare against India

15.Cold War  containment and elimination of communism

16.Influence of US in the World and South Asia

17.Economic Perception of India

18. US-Pakistan  relationship during the cold war

19.American Perceptions of India

20.The Future




A. Chronology of Colonial History

B. Chronology of Cold War Containment

C. The Hidden Agenda by Chandan Mitra

D. Thomas Babington Macaulay – On Empire and Education

E. The History and Doctrine of Islam





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